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At Affordable Roofing and Guttering, we understand the crucial role a roof plays in safeguarding your home or business. Recognizing this, we offer specialised roof replacement services tailored to meet the unique needs of each property in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Our approach to roof replacement is grounded in a deep understanding of our client's requirements, whether it's for aesthetic enhancement, durability, or weather resistance.

Our expertise in roof replacement encompasses a wide range of roofing types, including classic tiled roofs, modern flat roofs, and the ever-elegant slate roofs. Each option is carefully selected and crafted to ensure not just an appealing look but also long-term resilience and functionality. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials, combined with our team's exceptional workmanship, to deliver a roof that not only enhances the beauty of your property but also provides robust protection for years.

Why work with us?

  • Experienced Team: We understand that replacing a roof is a significant investment, and our goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.
  • Quality Materials & Workmanship: Combined with our meticulous attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we ensure that your new roof is not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and long-lasting.
  • Commitment to Safety: We adhere strictly to safety protocols and building regulations, ensuring that your roof replacement project is carried out safely and in compliance with all local codes.

Committed to Transparency in Every Roof Replacement Project

Understanding the significant investment involved in roof replacement, we at Affordable Roofing and Guttering prioritize transparency and client collaboration at every stage. This begins with a detailed initial consultation, where we listen to your needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Our approach is to provide clear, honest advice, ensuring you are fully informed about the options available and the associated costs.

Throughout the project, from selecting materials to final installation, we maintain open communication, adapting to any changes or preferences you might have. Our experienced team works diligently, adhering to the strictest safety standards and local building regulations, guaranteeing that the project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and compliant. This meticulous attention to detail and client-centric approach ensures that your investment results in a roof that meets your expectations in terms of both form and function.

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Ensuring Alignment with Your Vision and Safety Standards

At Affordable Roofing and Guttering, our philosophy extends beyond mere roof replacement; we focus on delivering peace of mind. Our commitment to providing a high-quality, durable roof means you can rest assured in the safety and protection of your property. A reliable roof is more than just a structural necessity; it's a crucial element in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your home or business.

We invite you to contact us to explore how our exceptional roof replacement services can enhance both the safety and appearance of your property, ensuring a solution that is as enduring as it is beautiful.

Our Reviews

What our clients have to say...

Our satisfied clients are the heart of our success. Read what they have to say about our roofing and guttering services. Their words speak to the quality, professionalism, and dedication that define our work. We're proud to have earned their trust, and we look forward to earning yours.

Remediation work on the roof done brilliantly by John, Dan and Phil. On time, very honest and gave a clear description of the work to be carried out. Costs agreed, remortar done, gutters cleaned of all the mess, broken tiles replaced and all waste taken to the tip. Very professional and I would definitely recommended John and his team. Also get a 5 year guarantee for the work. 👍

- Agnelo Correa

One phone call and John was here the following day, he was very reasurring, very affordable and quick to communicate. The work was also started promptly after making initial contact. John offers a long guarantee of his work too, which is reasurring. Thank you.

- Carolyn Wright

I had a broken roof tile which was causing a leak in our roof. Within 24 hours of getting hold of John he came out and had the roof fixed. I will definitely be using their services again and I would highly recommend Affordable Roofing and Guttering.

- Lucy Heffer

John did a great job at a competitive price. My new bay roof looks stunning, new guttering, facia and soffit. He re-rendered my chimney so it is nice and water tight. I have him coming back to do my rear gutters and a vent tile. Thank you John..

- Katie Leaver

John inspected my shed roof and gave a reasonable quote for the work that needed doing. John repaired my roof the following week and to a very high standard. I’m very happy with the work carried out and the price paid.

- Rachael Roberts

I have just recently purchased my first home and the roof needed some attention, I called and spoke with John who inspected my roof and recommended minor maintenance but chose to have the whole roof replaced especially after his great price. They arrived in good time and completed the job to a very high standard.